Smart Technology can improve Road Safety in T&T

Smart Technology can improve Road Safety in T&T



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Above: Traffic Light. Photo by luissantos84/Depositphotos

Lucy Boyd writes about technology’s role in making smarter streets as well as smarter cities.

The term ‘smart technology’ gets thrown around a lot these days, but it’s for a good reason. As smart tech starts to make inroads in Trinidad and Tobago, local tech companies as well as the local government are already seeing its enormous potential in transport and road safety.

Companies such as Massy, TTEC, and Sagicor are collaborating in developing an AI-competent workforce in the country. Experts suggest fast-tracking Intellectual Property generation and training data scientists to keep up with the global AI arms race. On the side of the government, legislators at the Works and Transport Ministry are looking at new reforms that aim to improve road safety.

All of these efforts will be crucial here in the country, as we have become notorious for dismissing road safety records. According to Angela Francke, a German transportation psychologist from the University of Dresden, Trinidad and Tobago sees 200 road fatalities every year.


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