Overdue: regulations for regional data protection

Overdue: regulations for regional data protection



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Above: The panel discussing CPRD. From left, George Gobin, Dr Yufei Wu, Bartlett Morgan, Darren Mohammed and Vashti Maharaj. Photo by Mark Lyndersay.

BitDepth#1182 for January 31, 2019

“Is it time for us in the Caribbean to consider our trust issues?” asked George Gobin of the audience gathered for the third local Internet Governance Forum (TTIGF) last Friday.

Introducing the topic of Caribbean Data Protection Regulations (CDPR), the former local Microsoft bossman, career technologist and TTIGF director suggested that such efforts be government led, but guided by the people whose data will be overseen by the process.

Data Protection has become a more heated area of discussion lately, with Europe implementing the General Data Protection Regulations (GPRD) regime…


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